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This Christmas experience hands down beats any grotto we've ever visited. Parents of children with disabilities or additional needs will know the challenges that visiting santa brings - this incredible team are extremely understanding and highly accommodating

Kerry - AJ's Journey

Absolutely fantastic experience - Twinkle is amazing and even had the adults laughing too! Brilliant with the kids - of all ages and managed to get a smile out of my teenager who was trying to hide! Riley is asking when Santa and twinkle can come back again!

Kids were amazed Santa and Twinkle knew do much about them. Thanks again!

Katrina MArtin

Santa and his elf visited us tonight and it was fabulous! The interaction was excellent, learning lots of facts about every child to make it an even more magical experience! If this is what it is like when they have to socially distance I can't wait to experience the full thing in future!!

We had a lovely surprise visit from Santa and his Elf tonight. the kids absolutely loved it!

would highly recommend them, Buddy and Santa also sang Christmas songs in Makaton which was amazing! well done as my little grandson is nonverbal autistic he had great time! Thank you so much amazing guys!

Danielle Jones

definitely recommend! I have a 10 year and 5 month baby who were both very much involved and included despite the  age gap. Santa Ian and Buddy were just magical. They were great at involving my shy/shocked 10 year old and spoke to her with up to date chat like Tik Tok! She’s still chatting about it just now. Thank you very much. We will definitely be booking further events

Well that was bloody magical!  Caleb was taken by the whole thing. Utterly convinced it was the real deal due to the amount you knew and how realistic you looked. He hasn't stopped talking about it. Both Santa Iain and Twinkle were incredible.  just what was needed after a rubbish year!

Holly Gray

santa and elfs with family
family smiling in garden with twinkle and santa
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santa and elf pulling funny faces with smiling boys
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